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Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Chet Lowe

From the age of seven, I have had a heart for ministry to magnify God and reach lost people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether it was hosting VBS in my neighborhood, smuggling Bibles from South Korea into China, ministering to child soldiers in Liberia or discipling young adults at a discipleship school, I saw the Word of God and His Spirit transform lives before my eyes. Time and time again, God proved Himself worthy of me spending my whole life for Him—and the more I lost my life, the more I found it (Luke 9:23-24).

It is my joy to serve at Coast Hills in this season. Along with the elders, pastors, and staff of this church, we that believe God has called us to Glorify God Together through L.I.F.E. As we learn the Word and invest into relationships within the church, I believe we will more closely follow His ways and passionately engage the lost world around us. I believe God desires our church to be a people on the move, experiencing our own adventures of faith for His glory—in our schools, homes, workplaces, neighborhoods and around the world. I know that that starts with each person having a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Because of that, I am committed to preaching the Gospel to those who don’t know Him and making disciples of those who do (1 Corinthians 2:2, Matthew 28:19-20).

Meet Our Team

Here at Coast Hills, we are growing in grace together. “Together” is important to us, and we emphasize our relationships with God and His Church. We pray that as we strive to run this race of faith, that you will be inspired to worship and challenged to change through the example of Jesus Christ. Our team is running the race with you, and our desire is continuously to “look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith” as we seek to glorify God together.

Zach Patterson

Zach Patterson

Executive Pastor

Jeff Kotrady

Jeff Kotrady

Director of Outreach & Support

Bob (Wolfie) Wolfsberger

Pastoral Care

Allison Helvey

Allison Helvey

Executive Assistant

Gannin Arnold

Director of Worship

Andrea Lowe

Andrea Lowe

Director of Women’s LIFE & Choir

Manny Lotito

Director of Men’s LIFE & Facilities

Debbie Pelichowski

Debbie Pelichowski

Director of Kid LIFE

Pam Rasmussen

Kid LIFE Coordinator

Devin Madrigal

Devin Madrigal

Director of Junior High LIFE

Michelle Townsley

Jimmy Terry III

Director of High School LIFE

Kamila Chiste

Family LIFE Assistant

Christina Dawkins Ward

Christina Dawkins-Ward

Events & Connect Administrator

Karen Colston

Karen Colston

Administrative Assistant

Frank Whitaker

Director of IT

Michelle Townsley

Michelle Townsley

Communications Coordinator

Noah Ostunio

Media and Production Director

Board of Elders:

Dave Eason

Doug Armstrong

Doug Blanchard

John Colston


John Ivey

Matt Kern

Philip Ashman

Rhoads Martin

Steve Kuntz

Meet our Savior through

The Gospel

God is holy and perfect. Here’s the bad news—we are not. All of humanity has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The impact of this sin is eternal separation from God. BUT GOD has made a way. This is the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ. God so loves the world that He doesn’t want anyone to be separated from Him, but desires all to experience eternal life with Him. Thus, He sent His one and only Son to pay the price of our sin, die on a cross and rise from the dead three days later, conquering death for us.

Anyone who believes in Him will have this life!

Our Vision & Mission


Learning the Word
Investing into Relationships
Following the Way of Christ
Engaging our World

Our Service Times

Wednesdays 6:30pm


Sundays 9:00am


Sundays 11:00am


Sundays 7:30pm


Church Address:
5 Pursuit, Aliso Viejo,
California 92656

What to Expect

When You Visit

  • At Coast Hills, all are welcome. No matter your background or your style of dress, we are glad you’re here!
  • Get here early to grab a coffee and donut, check your kids into Kid LIFE, and find a seat.
  • Bring your Bible as we believe Learning the Word is key for God to be glorified in our lives. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a Bible, we would love to give you one!
  • Stop by our Connect space before or after service to get answers to questions, sign up for classes and events, or to attend our next Connect Gathering where you can meet our Pastors and staff.

What We Believe

Our Foundational Beliefs


The eternal God exists as three distinct persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.


Each person has been created in the image of God and is deeply loved by Him.


God has revealed Himself through the person of Jesus Christ, His inerrant Word found in the Holy Scriptures and His creation.


From nothing, God created all things in seven days for His glory.


Each person has been separated from God and falls short of His glory, leaving humanity in the desperate need of salvation.



God provided His gift of grace through faith alone in Christ alone.


Global followers of Jesus who have been saved by faith and set apart to continue His mission as the Body of Christ.


The outward and visible response of an existent internal and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Prior to the seven years of tribulation, the Church will be raptured from the world and return with Christ at His second coming, to rule and reign with Him for a literal 1,000 years before the eternal age.


Our History

Coast Hills’ story began in 1985. God moved a small group of people to reach south Orange County through Christ’s love with the leadership of Denny and Leesa Bellesi. Seeking and saving the lost became a pillar of the church in this season.

In 2004, the leadership of Coast Hills transitioned to Ken Baugh. He faithfully served for the next ten years emphasizing the importance of making disciples, building another pillar by which the church stands on.

With evangelism and discipleship firmly established, Todd Proctor joined the story in 2015 with a desire to lead the church through the transition of finding her new Pastor. His connection with the local and global church, along with his desire to be led by the Spirit, was used by God to firm up the foundation by which Coast Hills was built on.

After a prayerful process, Chet Lowe joined the family in 2016 as the Lead Pastor. With a passion for the lost, a desire to disciple, and deep love for God’s people, he has been able to build off of the firm foundation by which Coast Hills stands.


Our history has made us a family. In our 30+ years, this family has grown by the grace of God as we purpose to learn and live what it means to be fully devoted to Christ and share His life with others. We are grateful for His favor which has sustained us to minister to the younger and the seasoned saint.

From the first day until now, we have been dependent on the Holy Spirit to write our story and continue to rely on Him to empower us for the work of the ministry that lies ahead. After all, there is a whole world out there who needs to hear the everlasting Gospel!

Coast Hills is led by a team of elders and ministry staff following Jesus as the head of the church. Together, we serve to empower the Coast Hills community to be the Church as we glorify God together!



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