Have a Heavenly Mindset

May 31, 2021 | Pastor Chet Lowe

In Acts 19, we see the way Paul’s heavenly mindset affected all of Asia. As he preached and taught in Tyrannus for two years, Scripture tells us that ALL of Asia heard the news about The Way. People were being saved and sanctified! They were leaving behind sinful ways, putting off the earthly and putting on Jesus! It is clear that Paul’s mindset led him to use every moment for God and His glory and fueled a desire to fulfill the Great Commission at all costs. As the Church today, have we become lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God? If we put on the heavenly mindset that Paul had, what could we accomplish in two years? Would all of Aliso Viejo have heard? Orange County? California? Imagine what we could accomplish if we LOVE to work hard for the sake of the Gospel.

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