Make Me Proud

I have watched enough sports and war movies to know that the leader of a platoon or the coach of a team will, at some point, inevitably yell at his group, “Make me proud!”

The very words convey some incredible emotions. They are spoken amongst a closely connected group of people who share a common goal and have deep relationships with each other. So, the leader is respected and his or her expectations are taken seriously. In other words, we want to make them proud.

The title of the teaching this past Sunday was “Walk in a Way that God Would Consider Worthy.” Doug Armstrong read his message as a letter to our young people, but he included us all in the scope of his encouragement to share the Gospel with those around us.

As we all take seriously our response to the Great Commission of Christ (Matthew 2:18-20), we must be willing to share the Good News with passion. As we get going, we can almost hear the Lord shouting to all of us, “Make me proud!”

We need to share the Gospel with boldness and tenacity. There is never any reason to be rude or unkind, but sharing the Good News often requires us to do “the hard thing,” whether at work or when our family is all gathered. Doing the tough stuff sharpens our presentations and draws us closer to Him.

Sharing from our hearts requires a certain level of integrity, purity, and vulnerability. When we speak from the depths of our soul, the hearer of our message usually recognizes our sincerity and pays some attention to our words. As that conversation goes on, God is pleased!

Above all, when we share the Gospel as a natural expression of our love for others, people respond. It’s not a “spiritual sales job,” it is the cry of our hearts that they listen. Often, they sit up and heed our message. Sometimes, they do not. But at all times, the Lord is pleased with our obedience.

So this week, let’s take to heart this encouragement to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and make Him proud.

“For we speak as messengers approved by God (making Him proud) to be entrusted with the Good News. Our purpose is to please God, not people” (1 Thessalonians 2:4).

Sherry Worel

Sherry Worel is a Bible teacher at heart and lives a life of ministry. She’s been involved at Coast Hills teaching Women’s LIFE, Bible studies, online courses, devotionals, participating in Upstream conversations, and much more. Having a love for education, Sherry has over 50 years of teaching experience with schools, churches, and mission agencies. As well as earning her Master’s at Talbot Seminary, she rounded out her education with 35 years as Head of School at Stoneybrooke Christian School. Sherry is happiest with a book or fishing pole in hand.

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