Our Way, God’s Way, and the Fruit: Discussion Questions

1. Why are we so often tempted to do things our way?

2. What is difficult about doing things God’s way for you personally?

3. What do you think made Sarah come up with the alternate plan for a child?

4. Like Hagar, have you ever felt like God didn’t see you, only to realize that He actually did? Was it something you knew or a circumstance that occurred?

5. Do you find yourself identifying more with Sarah or Hagar or Abraham in this situation? Can you explain why?

6. How do you think Ishmael would have felt about his name meaning “God will hear”? How would it help you to always be reminded that God hears you?

7. Why do you think God sent Hagar back the first time but years later, she was sent away? Would it have to do with growing up in Abraham’s home?

8. Are you willing to trust and obey God to not only seek His will, but also seek His way? How do you see this playing out in your life?

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