Works of the Flesh Part 2: Discussion Questions

1. Do you think the problem of jealousy makes more sense when you understand the idea of being more deserving than others? Can you identify with this?

2. If anger is often a secondary emotion, how can God help us with feeling powerless, afraid, hurt, offended or frustrated? Is there an area that you feel most triggered from?

3. Do you think insecurity has anything to do with dissensions or divisions? Are we worried that we might be wrong, so we argue even more passionately and divide more strongly?

4. Envy can easily slip into our hearts. Can you think of any safeguards to keep us from allowing envy inside? Have you ever seen results of envy in someone’s life?

5. How does a Christian have an advantage that non-Christians don’t have when dealing with the flesh? 

6. How does this list compare to the one in Ephesians 4:22-29?

7. When do you find yourself most conscious of the works of the flesh? Is it before or after you make a choice? Or when you see it in others?

8. Why do you think Paul gives the warning about practicing these works and not inheriting the kingdom?

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