Sunday - 11am - Room 101
High School Life is a place for students in grades 9-12 to be known and learn about who God is and how they fit into His story. In this unique season of life with all the questions and challenges, we want to be there for you. Through weekend gatherings, groups, personal discipleship, camps, mission trips, and service opportunities, we invite and create opportunities for students to build relationships and explore truth.

Students’ lives—and the lives of those around them—are being transformed as God works through building relationships both on and off campus; learning, growing, and worshiping and following Jesus together; and reaching out to invite others into Jesus’ story.

Life Groups

Wednesdays - 6:45pm - Room 101
In the midst of the weekly chaos in the life of a high school student we take the moments of our Life Group gathering and re-engage our conversation with the Lord through His letter to us!  With an intentional, relational and inductive learning environment, we desire to teach high school students how to interact with God’s Word through study, interpretation and application.  We open up a comfortable place for each student, offering a warm and welcoming home, incredible community in smaller groups and intentional contact with volunteer leaders.  This is a great place to catch your breath for the rest of your week!



High School Life Summer Camp at Hume Lake July 2-8th, 2017.  Registration is full.  Please send an email to Karen Colston at to be placed on the wait list.